Top 10 songs by Recondite

"NO demos please - you know I'm not djing anymore ;) "


This German producer has been around for years releasing songs on many labels that we like: InnervisionsGhostly InternationalAcid Test (Absurd Recordings), DystopianLife and Death... This is our top 10 of his best tracks. 

10. Serak

Serak is the second track of EP Think Twice, released by Life and Death, a label created six years ago with signed artists like Tale of UsDJ TennisClockworck or Thughfucker.

9. Backbone

This song from 2011 was released on Recondite´s own label Plangent Records, on Plant 002 EP . If you liked Decamp, Plangent's first release, you will appreciate this one.  

8. PSY

Released on Innervisions label for producers like Dixon, Âme and Marcus Worgull

7. Tie In

Delicate and tender. Recondite portrays organic distorted percussions at slow BPM. 

6. Undulate 

Undulate was released in 2015 by Acid Test, part of L.A. based label Absurd Recordings sharing wax timeline with German producer Lawrence

5. Warg

Warg is the most recent song in this top 10. The label behind the single Phalanx is Hotflush Recordings created by Scuba. Recondite and Scuba show contributions in several occasions, for instance the popular DRGN EP. 

4. Stems

In 2013 Recondite released his LP Hinterland on the label created in 1999 Ghostly International

3. Abscondence 

Part of LP Hinterland, we listen to high notes guiding the typical melody that sticks to you all week. 

2. Baro

A #mustknow song. Released in 2014 by Innervisions the example of acute synthesis between Recondite and the independent deep house label.  

1. Harbinger

The chosen one! Found in our worshipped album On Acid launched in 2012 by Absurd Recordings, Harbinger is Recondite's best rating release on Resident Advisor.

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